Scope of SRM2019

Welcome to SRM2019 !! 

  Since the start in 1982, SRM has been aiming at integrating the recent advances at the crossroads of research field on metals in chemistry, biology, physics, engineering and medicine for further innovative developments and applications.  In this occasion, it will be held as the satellite symposium of ISABC15 (15th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry, June 2-5 2019, Nara).

Our domestic symposium also supports another global opportunity to discuss with many researchers in the interdisciplinary fields.

The main topics of the SRM2019 are as follows:

  (i) Intracellular transport of metal ions
  (ii) Structure-function relationships of the


  (iii) Catalytic reaction mechanisms of metallo-

        enzymes and biomimetic model compounds

  (iv) Bioactivities and pharmacokinetics of metals

        and metal compounds
  (v) Application of metals and metal compounds

       for the medical diagnostic and therapy

  (vi) Control of the gene expression with metal

       ions and metalloproteins

  (v) All the other topics of Bioinorganic Chemistry

       and ISABC15

Chairman : Yasuhiro Funahashi

    Graduate School of Science, Osaka University

Co-chair: Misaki Nakai

    Faculty of Chemistry, Materials and Bio-

    engineering, Kansai University


    The Division of Physical Sciences,

    Pharmaceutical Society of Japan



Supporting Organizations : 

    Graduate School of Science, Osaka University


    The Chemical Society of Japan


    Japan Society for Biomedical Research

    on Trace Elements


    The Division of Pharmaceutical Health Science

    and Environmental Toxicology, 

    Pharmaceutical Society of Japan                  


・Date : May. 31 - June 1, 2019

・Venue : Osaka Univ. Hall, Toyonaka

      Campus Map:

      Access Map

Call for Papers (Oral and Poster) 

       Registration for the Presentation :

          by April 19, 2019 →April 25, 2019

       Abstract Submission :

          by May 1, 2019May 3, 2019

        Registration for Domestic Participants :

          by May 15, 2019

   *On-site registration are available for

    Participants from Foreign Countries.





​ 第30回金属の関与する生体関連反応シンポジウム

     会期  2020年 6月19日(金)〜 20日(土)

     会場 静岡県立大学 小講堂

     実行委員長 武田 厚司 先生




Old News in SRM2019

Feb 17, 2019 : Symposium web site opened.

Mar 16, 2019 : Please download the poster

    of this symposium (SRM2019Poster_JPN.pdf).

・Apr 9, 2019 : The bank account has been

    opened for money transfer from

    domestic participants.

・Apr 22, 2019 : The deadlines have

                            been extended!!.

・May 8, 2019 : Titles of the plenary lectures  

                           have been announced.

 May 14, 2019 : The symposium scheules are

      tentatively assinged !!!


May 31, 2019 :

   The  symposium schedules are finally updated.

   Please click here!!! (SRM2019AbstFinal3.pdf)


 June 4, 2019 :

   Winners of the SRM2019 Poster award are finally 

   updated here!!!.